About Ufuk Sarisen

I’m Ufuk Sarisen, a wedding photographer in Izmir, Turkey. My photography journey started in Istanbul, but now I capture moments not just in Turkey but also around the world.

In my earlier life, I was an engineer. But my love for photography led me to switch careers, turning my favorite hobby into a full-time job. I began with travel and documentary projects, exploring different types of photography like food, architecture, advertising, products, fashion, and events. My work even got featured in magazines, and I had a special connection with Atlas, a travel and geography publication, where I not only took pictures but also wrote articles. This opened up opportunities for me to explore many countries. I also worked as a photo editor for Turkish Airlines Skylife magazine for a while.

All the experience and skills I gained from various photography types became a strong base when I shifted to wedding photography. Weddings require knowing a lot about different photography styles, from taking pictures of products to capturing architecture, and from documentary shots to fashion photography. This technical flexibility made me feel really comfortable. For the last 15 years, I’ve been focusing solely on wedding photography, with the last decade completely dedicated to this field. In the past three years, I’ve also started experimenting with family documentaries.

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