WEDDCAMP is an Eastern European Photography Event for passionate people, daring ideas and growing businesses.

1. We Build a Community

Relationship building is an important part of our success at individual and community level. WEDDCAMP is the place where the #wedding #photographers exchange ideas, find solutions for their problems, make friends and support each other. If you are at the beginning of your career or already have an extensive experience, this is where you can find the people you need to talk to and maybe also your way. Sharing positive energy, being generous and constructive are mandatory here.

2. We Invest in Education

The #weddcamp speakers are acknowledged professionals with different views and artistic styles, able to inspire and help us become better people and photographers. Moreover, every participant is a source of inspiration and information.

3. We Take fun seriously

It’s your turn to have fun! You work when people dance, sleep or go on vacations. Here at WEDDCAMP you can relax, you are with your friends. After the conference, we go together to a very nice place and party till morning. You can’t miss that.

WEDDCAMP is a long-term project created by four successful Romanian studios (Marian Sterea, PhotoChic, Cromatica and Imagia) and intended to become the most important conference event in the Eastern Europe.

WEDDCAMP 2025 will take place in Brasov (the most lively and popular resort on the Romanian mountains) on March 22-23 and will include a two day conference and a great party :).

weddcamp team

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