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WEDDCAMP | 19-20.06.2018 | România, Zenith Hotel, Mamaia

An Eastern European Photography Event for passionate people, daring ideas and growing businesses.

We Build a Community

Relationship building is an important part of our success at individual and community level.

We Invest in Education

We learn from the best to get where we want to be

We Take Fun Seriously

That’s no joke, we take our business and our fun seriously. So let’s party together and make it epic!

WEDDCAMP 2018 time line

DAY 1 (19.06.2018)


Coming soon...

Coming soon...

DAY 2 (20.06.2018)

Coming soon...

Coming soon...


LAST MINUTE (After 15.05.2018)

€ 259
What’s included:
2 Day Conference
Coffee breaks & Lunch
English translation
Transport, accommodation and party drinks are NOT included

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