About Jonas Borg

Jonas Borg, a seasoned wedding photographer and filmmaker from Sweden whose career has spanned over two decades. With a global portfolio that includes works in Singapore, Japan, the UK, and the USA, Jonas’s creative lens has been a witness to love stories from around the world. Now, he has chosen to call Stockholm, Sweden his home base.

Jonas’s background in photojournalism has left a mark on his work, earning him the title of a documentary-style photographer. He strives to see new angles and perspectives in every shot. One of his most prestigious assignments was capturing the historic wedding of the Swedish Crown Princess in 2010 on behalf of the Swedish Royal Court.

In his presentation, he will talk on the art of wedding storytelling in photography and film-making, revealing the secrets behind finding those distinctive angles that breathe life into the images. Additionally, he will offer insights into his use of drones as a creative tool, demonstrating how some simple techniques and technology can elevate the art of storytelling.

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