About Sara Sganga

Sara Sganga is specialized in Cinematic Photography Direction, she is the very young founder of the studio. 

Her photography is a journey between memories of light and shadow, emotions, humour, iconic moments and the great beauty of timeless elegance. 

In 2022 she won Italy Photographer of The Year (This is Reportage) and Top 10 Best Wedding Photographers in The World (ISPWP). In 2023 she is among world Top photographers for Fearless Photographers. (#11 place)

Currently with her husband Roberto, they work in Italy and all around the world, among exclusive weddings and training courses, constantly searching for an impactful, emotional and creative snapshot. Her sensitivity and her deep connection that shares with events allow her to find hidden emotions and often anticipate the moments,  mixing the the rules of compositions and light with the elegance of the pictures and the great beauty.

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