Pedro Etura

[EN]  I’m a Superior Technician in Artistic Photography and a photojournalist by profession with many years of experience. My photographs have been published in almost all the national media, including El País, El Mundo, La Vanguardia or XL Semanal. Three years ago I started my own Photo Agency: A Photo Agency, where I work as a photographer and creative director. We have worked with important communications media, including the EFE agency.

In 2011 and 2012, I had the honor of consecutively receiving the LUX ORO National Photography Award, and I’m selected as a wedding photographer in Fearless Photographers and Unionwep, which are wedding directories that include the best wedding photographers in the world. This year I am The best Wedding Photographer of the year by Unionwep.

I work with the best technical equipment available at all times and I am always accompanied by a second photographer. I never go alone.

Photography is my life. Capturing what happens in front of me while interfering as little as possible, documenting the feelings. I enjoy photographing weddings, because they are a unique moment for the people who are getting married, and that creates vertigo and adrenaline, which can be seen in the photographs. I photograph life.

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