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“I will explain how to find the extraordinary in the ordinary by showing my creative process. The perfect wedding day doesn’t exist, and yet some photographers manage to produce great imagery. I will convince the students that it is possible to stay creative in the most unlikely places and even with the worst couples. 🙂

Also I will share with the students how to gain access to more freedom in their creative process. This presentation will create a connection with people who don’t dare putting their own personal history in their photography, even if this one may have some dark sides. We all go through struggles in our lives, and we have to turn them into strength and to use them in our photography.”


More details about Franck Boutonnet’s workshop at WEDDCAMP.

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*) Price for WEDDCAMP 2018 attendees is 180 € and you will find your discount in your account right after you place the order or you add the this product in your basket. This price is available only until 1st March 2018.

After 1st March 2018, the price changes to 230 € for WEDDCAMP 2018 attendees and to 280 € for those of you who will not attend the conference.


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