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1-day Workshop with Fabio Mirulla on 22nd June 2017

Translation from Italian to Romanian and English

Lots of fun


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Fabio’s workshop topics

1 – Is really easy to shoot a beautiful photo?
2 – About Me: where I come from, who I am, who I want to become
3 – Are we artists?
4 – How do I face the the wedding day and our tasks
5 – Why does a couple choose you?
6 – The equipment and its real importance
7 – Experiment and research
8 – The Comfort Zone
9 – The stories behind a photograph
10 – Where are you going? Where do we look for inspiration?
11- Comparing different styles and approaches
12 – Destination weddings
13 – Associations and contests
14 – Post-production and workflow
15 – Growing together
16 – Questions and curiosities

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