About Mick and Ash – Miki Studios

We’re Mick & Ash (Miki Studios) and together we’re friends, fathers and adventurers.

As individuals, we’re passionate about everything we do and feel it’s the best way to live life: Love what you do and put your heart and soul into it. It’s the only way you’ll be able to do anything that inspires you and the people around you. That’s why between us we’ve played world-famous stages as a musician, trained to be Olympians, Proposed to our partner after meeting them for 5 days, tried to climb Everest, run marathons and lived in various countries around the world….and not necessarily in that order!

About the talk

Wedding photography is a business. To be successful your business has to have a strong foundation. Mick Shah started out by himself, figuring it all out, becoming one of the leading wedding photographers in the UK and co-owner of the Nine Dots gatherings and community. Ash Davenport joined Mick in his business and quickly climbed to the top, currently in the Top 3 of the Masters UK & Ireland, NineDots Photographer of the Year and Junebugs best of the best Destination Wedding Photographers. Now Mick is focussing on wedding video taking wedding films to another level and together they are rocking it for their clients.

Mick & Ash compiled a hugely informative presentation of the 5 fundamentals every wedding photography business should have to become and remain a successful business. Even the most seasoned photographers are raving about the information they share, so sit back and soak it all in!

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